Friday, September 22, 2006


Never imagined that my second experience meeting up with a fellow Singaporean blogger would be at a Toastmasters club meeting! Indeed, I stumbled upon Ms Kam's blog and found a humorous and well-written blog. Needless to say, I became addicted to her blog.

To my surprise, the latest post has my name pasted all over! Cool. Click here to read.

*lalalala... whistling my joyful tune again***


DK said...

2nd only meh?

The Oriental Express said...

Hi Jerlynn,]

Found out I have to compete in the next round with all the other division 80 contestants! On the 14th of October. Not much time for me as I am flying off to Kuching tomorrow. Geez! Will drive my eldest sis nuts when I practise my speech in Kuching!

But what to do. In contests, cannot play play ah. Must always give our best shot!

Don't work too hard, dear. Enjoy!
Stay pretty and happy!

JerL said...

DK: Hey, you're the first one... happy?

Ms Kam: Congrats! I'll see you there on 14th to laugh my heart out. I'll probably be one of the appointment holders.

Good luck!

DK said...

I tot I was the 2nd? or was it 3rd?

Wo Zhen De Shi Ni De Di Yi Ge Mah? :P