Friday, November 03, 2006

my new hammie Hazel

Isn't Hazel such a cutie? Posted by Picasa

Daddy came home with a surprise gift for mommy. Isn't that so sweet of him? Seeing mommy missing Mysty is such a painful sight. Daddy got Hazel from his colleague whose daughter is also a fellow hamster lover. Her hamster just gave birth to 3 babies and decided to give one to us.

Hazel is my second hamster and she's surprisingly sweet and tame. It's not easy to get a tame hamster. She has very different character from Mysty. Mysty is really a scaredy cat when she first came, even our shadows freaked her out. Hazel will come looking for us when we call her. She loves to stand upright with her little nose pointing upwards, reaching out to our fingers to sniff for food. Such a cutie.

I'm so glad my mom has stopped stroking late Mysty's photos ever since Hazel became her new 'baobei'. Mom has been much happier since with our new addition to our family. :)


The Oriental Express said...

Didn't know you like hamsters so much. Once I rescued two cages of hamsters which were destined for the garbage container! I got so incensed with whoever just abandoned them in the void deck. I took the two cages home and put them up for adoption with my notice at Cold Storage Centrepoint.

Two families came over my flat to adopt the hamsters.

JerL said...

So cruel of them to abandon the hamsters like garbage! Goodness! Glad you rescued them!