Sunday, February 11, 2007

busy busy busy

My schedule is chalked full and packed to the brim till next week. With the exception of Valentine's day, I'm triple booked all the rest of the days this coming week.

It is so bad that when my mom casually asked if I could be home for dinner with my brother and my future sis-in-law this coming Friday, I had to request for my mom to re-schedule the dinner to Sat evening. I know it sounds awfully ridiculous, especially when my mom had to make appointment with me for reunion dinner.

It is that bad.

I'm in such hot demand..


Dear blog fans,

I guess you have to bear with the lack of posts till the Chinese New Year holidays. Then again, I'm double booked on both the holidays. Which means no holidays! SOB!!!

Please DO leave a love note for me to say you miss me. Whatever. I will be back.

Till then and lots of love,

Your most beloved JerL


Whiskoffee said...

Ho ho ho!

JerL said...

whiskoffee: If you find that funny, stay tuned for more!!!