Sunday, April 29, 2007

idiosyncrasy meme

I'm so bored and lack of inspiration that I've volunteered to do a meme that I found on DK's blog, where he wrote 6 idiosyncrasies of himself and I'm suppose to write 6 for myself and tag 6 persons.


1. I drink hot drinks with a straw. This idiosyncrasy started as I love to drink fresh brewed soyabean milk with a straw. In normal mornings, I can finish the whole glass in one sip non-stop. This became my habit after I wear makeup daily. Wearing lipstick or lip gloss everyday, you just want to minimise the need to touch-up after a drink. Drinking from a straw can help keep your makeup in tact. So I made it a point to drink from a straw, whether it is a hot or cold drink.

2. Coke is my happy juice. I drink coke whenever I'm depressed. So when my friends see that I'm drinking coke, they know that I must be upset over something.

3. I'm awfully particular about colour coordination on my clothes, bags, accessories and shoes. That explains how I can have jackets and tops in the same design with different colour. I have 2 sets similar suits in both black and beige, Mango lycra tube top (I have a whole stack in all the colours available), F women striped tube top in both pink and blue, Mango lycra top in both baby blue and white, Mango V-neck in both black and red, etc. Same pair of heels in both pink, brown and black. My latest idiosyncrasy: My nail colour must match my new pink phone! Ok, you get the picture.

4. You will never catch me in a white shirt and black skirt. This is one combination I will never wear because you will either look like a waitress or attending a funeral party or a penguin. Horizontal black and white stripes will also not be seen on me because I will never want to look like a jailbird. Enough said.

5. I cannot sleep with any lights on. I need to close my door, close my window, bury myself in my blankets to feel safe to sleep. Yup, so does my hamster Hazel - like owner like hamster.

6. I don't wear a one-piece swim suit.

I shall tag hellokitty, badtz maru, pochacco, hamtaro, batman and superman.