Thursday, March 27, 2008

car accident, hail stones & falling sick all on the same day

1. Car accident

Met with yet another car accident today. Seems like for drivers who are always on the go, though they enjoy the convenience and time-saving of a having their own vehicle, accidents are really part and parcel of life.

There was a traffic jam at PIE towards Jurong area and traffic came to a halt. My colleague and myself were on our way to Raffles City Convention Centre as we were on duty for a company function. And whilst my car was stationary, chatting happily, a loud bang and we were jolted forward. Apparently, the driver behind me was either day-dreaming or somehow his foot let go of the brakes and crashed onto my car. It is a blessing that my foot remained firmly on the brakes. If not, it might cause a chain reaction.

We had a hard time trying to move our vehicles to the road shoulder as there were lots of big trucks and none of the them wanted to give way. I think that it is pretty sad that people are moving so fast-paced that they are always in a hurry. Drivers in Singapore are getting not very friendly.

It took us almost 15 mins just to get both cars to the road shoulder. Luckily, the driver who caused the accident is a pretty nice chap and he acknowledged his mistake and was more concerned if we were injured than anything else.

We quickly exchanged our details, IC number and got on our way. Even though this is not the first time my car has been hit, I was still rather shakened and suggested that we go back to my house to take a rest, calm ourselves down before deciding what to do next. My colleague was as cool as a cucumber while I was the one shakened.

2. Hailstones

It started pouring minutes after we got onto the car, despite the weather being super hot and dry earlier in the day. The wind was howling and the storm was brewing. As we were nearing my place, the splattering of the raindrops became rather deafening to the ears till it sounded like little pebbles falling on the roof of the car. My colleague held on to my hand and exclaimed: "Look! Ice cubes falling on your windscreen!!!"

Indeed, when we took a closer look, it was really hailstones!!! Hailstones in Singapore? Oh my goodness! What a strange phenomenon considering we are right smack on the equator.

And my dear colleague was so excited about the hailstones that diverted my attention away from the fact that we just met with an accident. As we got down from the car at the multistorey carpark next to my place, we looked around and there were really hailstones on the pavements.

Got home and warmed ourselves with a hot drink, I decided to send my car to the workshop before we head down to Raffles City.

3. Falling sick

By the time we got there, we barely had time to grab a bit and quickly assumed our duties at around 5pm. The event lasted for about 6 hours and as I was one of the usher, I had to stand on my heels the whole time. By the time I got home, I was totally cold and hungry, totally shacked out.

Feeling feverish, I could barely eat a mouthful of rice and headed to bed. And almost immediately my gastric juices were up my throat and I made a dash to the toilet and vomitted so many times that I almost slept in the toilet.

What an eventful day!


The Oriental Express said...

Lucky experience the hail stones.

I guess one day my article, "Will it ever snow in Singapore" will materialise. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas......

By the way, you can still watch Kam Ning's performance on You Tube. You will enjoy her rendition of Jalousie. Someone had liked her playing so much that he had put it on u-tuble. Ning herself didn't know about it until her friends told her.


JerL said...

The hailstones only lasted probably 5 minutes or so. Would love to see snow in Singapore!!!

Yes, Kam Ning is really pretty and elegant. I went to her official website and viewed her photos! Must listen to her performance some day!!!

The Oriental Express said...

Kam Ning's performance with the SSO is this coming Sat. 12th April. The guest conductor is one "ang moh" from Europe.

She comes to Singapore once every two to three years as she has been booked for worldwide concerts.

Her papa will also be here as he is arranging with some orchestras here to perform his works - orchestral composition.

How proud my papa would be if he were still alive!