Monday, October 27, 2008

are you a juggler?

It is amusing when you see a juggler trying to juggle between 3 colourful balls, and then in an attempt to heighten the entertainment level for the audience, the joker assistant will try to add yet another ball into the juggler's hands. While the juggler sweats and focus on the 4 balls, the joker assistant tries yet something else. To try to add on another hoola hoop on the juggler's feet to spin.

And then you look closer and you realised the juggler is actually trying to balance himself dangerously on a one wheel unicycle on a metal wire. The picture says a thousand words. Much more than what I had described.

You know, as the audience, we are highly entertained by this act and definitely I hear bouts of laughter in the audience. I must say we human beings are born pretty sadistic. We love to see people in agony. But think about it, how many of us are also like that juggler in our lives? Well, we human beings are not only sadistic, we're a greedy bunch.

You know something, that juggler will only be on stage for that perhaps ten to fifteen minutes. He's pretty much done with his job on stage and he gets to go off the stage once the sounding applause dies off. He gets to go home and rest. But us? Sometimes, when you're trying to do that in life, you don't get to go home and rest. Well, yes you get to go home and rest for the night, but the next morning when you wake up, you have to continue that juggling act.

I am amused.

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