Saturday, November 08, 2008


I found this cute Japanese name generator on Mrdes's blog and so I got myself addicted to try out all the name generators and I've got quite a few cute ones, besides my new Japanese name Fujiwara Kumiko. Wisteria fields is such a beautiful name that immediately I saw a field of purplish, blue and white flowers in a meadow.

Have a good laugh when you read the following... I didn't know that I have so many other names... Have fun trying them out!

My fairy name is Emerald Pearly Silver Bell.
Take What's Your Fairy Name? by badasstronaut today!

My magical Potterized name is Hermione.
Take Harry Potter Name Generator today!

My Kitten is Powderpuff Perrywinkle.
Take The fluffy kitten name generator today!

My Superhero Name is Lady Mercy.
Take The Superhero Name Generator today!

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sweeteepye said...

I like your kitten's name! ;p Why Lady Mercy? hmmmmm