Friday, January 22, 2010

about boldness

After hearing sister Ei Leen's testimony about her grandmother's salvation and how my cell group leader Lex boldly walked straight into the hospital ward and shared the gospel in Hokkien, and how her grandmother was saved just before she breathed her last. I was really touched. So touched by the boldness of Lex and it made me ponder.

From that day onwards, I made a little promise in my heart that I will boldly share the gospel and leave the rest to God.

We must be sensitive to the holy spirit and share whenever prompted. So far, I have shared with one colleague and 2 friends in the past week. Most importantly, I boldly shared my testimony on how I got my job with my dad while he drove me home.

And just 2 nights ago, I was prompted by the spirit again. This time round, my brother happened to play Evans Almighty DVD, which was a worldly show, yes, but a symbolic story modified after the building of Noah's Ark. And yes, I boldly shared about how Noah was called by the Lord to build the ark to my family while they were watching the show. It was the most bold thing I've ever done, considering the amount of persecution I faced in the last 10 years, especially from my brother. I would never have the courage to do that. But I did.

What made me do what I did? I don't really want to go to heaven alone. Eternity without my mom, my dad and my brother just is too scary a thought for me.

Dear Lord, I have done my part. I trust you to do the rest. Amen.

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