Saturday, May 08, 2010

Start thinking of "How"

Why do people just conveniently say "No I can't" instead of thinking of "How can I make it happen?"

When my cell group leader asked me to serve in worship for my cell group, I agreed without any consideration. Yet, there are a lot of people who say "Sorry I have no time" when asked to do anything. How can that statement stand true if everybody is given the same 24 hours by God?

When asked to serve in cell group, people struggle with reaching cell group on time, struggle to come at 7.45 or 8pm. But when they are meeting for a movie, somehow meeting at 7pm becomes not an issue anymore just because the movie will start at 7pm. But going to cell group, we are meeting God! If we have an appointment with God, shouldn't we give him all the due respect since He is our Father and King of the Heavens?

When we are going on a trip, waking up at 6am to catch an early flight becomes not so much of a struggle because there is a consequence if we are late. When asked to wake up at 6am to talk to God, it becomes such a strong struggle. I just can't fathom what thoughts are going on in our little brains. So illogically tuned. We are just so self-contradictory sometimes.

I attended a seminar where this motivational speaker was speaking to my company sales people on "How to become Million Dollar Round Table members". And the basic concept is "Discipline is the foundation of Success." When it comes to making money, we have discipline and motivation to go to work on time and end on time. But when it comes to serving the Lord, why is there is no discipline? No motivation to come on time and end on time. Some people are afraid to leave their work early because they will seem less hardworking and there will be less chances of getting promoted. But it is just a job. If you leave early on Friday to come for cell group to meet God on time, do you think God will not be pleased and bless you in your job?

Who is the ultimate Provider? It is the Lord himself, not your boss or company. Your boss may quit or even die. Your company may collapse, but God is God. He is the Alpha and Omega. Hallelujah.

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The Oriental Express said...

When we honour God, He honours us.
So much easier to always do our best, and leave God to do the rest.

We achieve better results and success when we put Him first.
No sweat. :-)