Saturday, December 25, 2010

It's Christmas!!!

My Cell Group Zerubbabel's way of celebrating Christmas is to invite all our friends to come and join us.

We went very early to prepare the Christmas feast! The only thing we don't have is Turkey as most of us do not fancy Turkey meat. Instead, we have roast beef, ribs and ham!

Lex entertaining Luke and Charlene with the Popcorn Magic show in front of the microwave oven! The kids were really funny and they kept on "wow"-ing when the popcorn pops! Lex really have a way with kids.

Charlene checking out if the popcorns are cooked!

Charlene trying a popcorn! It's hot and fresh out of he oven!

Some random shots...

Charlene feeds Aunty Weiying with a popcorn!

Some posed shots...

Our lovely Ginny and one of the winners of the Best Dressed Award

Jerlynn, Shiya and Chloe with the Christmas joy all written on their faces!

The Christmas party ended with a somewhat funny note when Jason took out the Baked Alaska cake and Mud pie cake and with a few efforts to add whiskey on top of the Baked Alaska cake, the fire was very small, but it is a blessing that God controlled the flames!!! And of course, we celebrated the birthdays of our December babies, Diana (19 Dec), Shiya (20 Dec) and Jason (31 Dec).

Singing the birthday song...

Showers of blessing....

Blowing the candles! Each person only one candle!!!

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