Friday, September 01, 2006

best invention of the year

I vote OSIM iSqueez the best invention of the year. No, I'm not an OSIM sales person. But iSqueez has been my poor tired feet's best friend for the past few days.

I've been walking long distances on heels and that is not the best treatment to my poor feet. And especially so when I had ever sprained my right foot before and it tend to sprain more easily. The bad news is that I think that I've sprained my left foot instead. Coz now there is this nagging pain that refuses to go away. Hope it doesn't swell up tomorrow. The back of my heels felt a little wobbly as I walked and it was the main cause of the sprain. I've dumped this pair of heels into the trash can like immediately upon reaching home.

Though it wasn't exactly that ruined, I thought that I better be more careful as I've only one pair of feet and I can't afford to ruin my ankles. Good footwear is really important. And my mom could never understand why I have 30 pairs of shoes, but I guess my friends could. Shoes get ruined ever so fast as I spend more than 12 hours with my shoes on. I'm normally out of the house by 8.30am and only reach home around midnight. That explains why the need for so many pairs of shoes. And it is really difficult to find a good comfortable pair that doesn't compromise with an ugly design.

Will open a shoe shop some day with my Jerlynn brand shoes - comfort, good quality, glamourous design for all ages. From baby shoes to teenagers to working adults. Baby shoes that is matching to mommy's shoes. Ok, I'm starting to dream again. Hope that this dream will come true some day.


bam said...

hihi, I think the dream can come true but you need to plan for it. In the meantime you can find out more about how to go about doing it, before u start sinking in the capital.

Do get good shoes. Sometimes I have unsuitable shoes but I am hesistant about throwing them away cos it's such a pity to do so.

Flying raisin said...

Hey take care of those feet ya. I've seen a lot of women with bunions from years of wearing ill-fitting shoes and heels. Bad for your back too. Must give your feet a break every other day.

Anonymous said...

i'm on my feet the entire day too and have discovered the hard way that what you pay for shoes equates the duration of wear you'll have with them. leather shoes are definitely the best - they lasts and lasts... but most of them bite for the first few days, especially those in the 3-digit range. i get my shoes from gripz, almost only leather ones - they're reasonabley priced at $60-$90, are trendy and last really well. i don't bother with the charles & keith, vnc types anymore, one pair takes me for like only 2 weeks with daily wear. -hl

JerL said...

BAM: The dream will take another few years to realise. Provided I've decided not to set up a family. Indeed, it's a pity to throw away good shoes, but if they hurt, no point killing your feet.

flying raisin: Yup I will. But I think I've already ruined them. My old sprain is incurable. I sprained my right ankle just before meeting Slushy to shop a whole day! Then it swelled up like pig's trotters!

HL: Thanks! Will check out Gripz next time I go shopping for shoes! :)