Tuesday, September 05, 2006


People do not practice what they preach. Period.


DK said...

OK, I admit I'm one of them. :P

bam said...

hi jerl, what happened?

Ronald said...

Some people preach what they do not practice. This has been my experience so far... They are always so eager to offer advice on how to live your life but "clams up" when asked how have you been living your life then with the advice you have preached to others. It is not surprising for these pp to sweep their things under the carpet...and the double irony comes from them holding high positions in ABC organisations.

JerL said...

DK: We're all guilty of that at some point in time, don't we? *hi 5!*

BAM: ehh... some food for thought... it happens all the time.

Ronald: Hi!!! Good boy. Posted the comment after our chat last night. Very efficient. I like.

Well, this happens most frequently with people at high positions, esp all the big bosses.-_-