Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sweet love notes

Love notes from the Lemonade gals! Posted by Picasa

I was so touched. I cried.

The gals knew that I was going through a rough patch and they decided to give me a surprise. They wrote a whole lot of encouragement cards and notes, stuffed into this pretty love container to contain their love for me. Slushy personalized each handwritten letters in pink folded in all sorts of style. Coboypb did research and wrote quotes from the famous in each mini postcard. HJ typed each tiny piece of love note in pink paper carefully cut out with different fonts and colours. Wow!

The words are all personalized and touched my heart. When I took out all the cards and love notes, and start reading them one by one. The gals exclaimed that I was suppose to take one out to read each time I felt depressed. But I didn't care! I wanted all the love overwhelming me at the same time! I feel soooo loved! I'm someone who needed a lot of love.

Awww, the Lemonade gals are oh so sweeeeeeet! Ought to rename as Honey gals or SugarBabes or somethin'. LOL. My heart is bouncing up and down and left and right, so am I!

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