Thursday, September 14, 2006

i love elmo!

elmo in my bag!!! Posted by Picasa


bambam said...

I was just looking at sweetie's elmo toy and wondering if she really likes elmo of them all or because she knows mostly about him. Think when I was young he wasn't my favorite character, he seemed to have grown in popularity afterwards.

JerL said...

I grew to like elmo only when I'm an adult too. When I was younger, I couldn't tell the difference. I only remember Big Bird and this greenish guy in the trash can. And also Ernie and Bert.

bam said...

Oh yes! Those are the most prominent ones. And I used to like snuffleufgus...(oopsiee, don't know how to spell his name). Oscar the grouch was the funniest. And Ernie and Bert also featured quite a bit.