Thursday, September 14, 2006


Received a call from one of the Superstars contestant. She is enquiring whether I can help her design her full image from hairdo to makeup to her outfit and shoes for the competition this coming Sunday. I didn't know that my name has travelled that far. Lolx.

I scrutinized her photo and took a good long look at her features and figure.

Two options for her.

I have decided to do a funky feminine style for her. She has the figure to flaunt, so flaunt it without being overly sexy. Flaunt a little yet girlish look.

First option : Funky Style

1. White jacket with fur trimmings (this one, if cannot find in shops too last min, I can loan it to her)
2. White mini tube top (inside)
3. White mini skirt (to show off legs)
4. White Knee-high boots

Hairdo: Updo with funky ends fanning out on top.
Makeup: Smoky eyes with super nude lips. Her eyes are pretty, so must emphasize. Eye makeup must be loud enough to be seen on stage.

Second Option: Feminine Style (more sexy)

1. White off-shoulder (one sided) loose top
2. White mini skirt
3. White Knee-high Boots

Hairdo: Will be nice to curl up the hair (to one side) to match the top. (But her hair looks a bit too short to curl) Nevermind, can do spikey one!

Let's wait and see which one she chooses.


bambam said...

Sounds like a good opportunity?

JerL said...

Yep, will post the pics on The Magic Wand blog soon..