Sunday, September 17, 2006

memory loss

When I related my conversation with my dad in my previous post to my friend. She said this has got to do with our parents failing in memory.

She experienced the same thing herself when her dad bought her prawn noodles for lunch. She stared at it for a moment and told her dad that she'll eat the noodles and he could have all the prawns.

Her dad thought for a moment and both of them started laughing! That's because my friend is allergic to prawns since young!

My friend said that men never knew how to express love to their children and this is probably the best they did. I pondered over this for a long long while.


The Oriental Express said...

Oh! No! My papa was one really expressive father. Though he was a Chinese school teacher, papa was as Western as you could find .... he called us his precious ones! He often demonstrated his love. He told us he could not leave us plenty of money or assets, but he would give us the best father's love ever possible so that we would grow up to be confidentadults. Papa's $$ went to charity but he left the richest legacy of love to his 5 children.

JerL said...

Ms Kam: Wow! What a great Papa you have! I salute late Mr Kam!

A legacy of love... something to ponder about. I wonder how many of us could do that.