Friday, September 15, 2006

think again

If you think you know your kids inside out? Think again.


Dad: Do you want chicken breast meat?
Me: Dad, I don't eat chicken breast.
Dad: Do you want some cucumber?
Me: Dad, I don't eat cucumber.
Dad: You want some of the "kueh chap"?
Me: No, I don't eat kueh chap.

Dad: How about you son?
Brother: I don't fancy kueh chap either.


If you think you know your husband inside out? Think again.


Never boost about your husband in front of your husband's friends. They just might be laughing behind your back. For all you know, they know your husband more than you did.

We were at a company gathering and most people brought their spouses along. A certain Mrs WISC Guy started talking to us and was boosting about how handsome and loving her darling hubby was. *btw forgot to explain that WISC stands for Wolf-in-Sheep-Clothing*

We all smiled at her and some of the good souls tried to hint to Mrs WISC that her hubby is rather playful and not as decent as he seemed. But woe to Mrs WISC as she simply ignored it aside and continued boosting about her hubby being the best hubby in town. Actually all the colleagues know that Mr WISC is messing around and always brings along his sexy gf out on clubbing and drinking sessions, when the wife is at home.

Woe to the boostful wife. Only she thinks she's got the best hubby. We all thank God in our hearts that Mr WISC is not our hubby.


bam said...

that's very sad for the wife. I hope she is enlightened very very soon.

The Oriental Express said...

Ask me! As legal secretary, I worked with my boss who handled some 50 cases of divorce a year!
That was around 1971 when divorce was a stigma. The usual grounds! Adultery!

Now for almost every three marriages, one failed!! We still have many Mrs.WISC around, who boast of their husbands' fidelity!!

JerL said...

BAM: This is scarily common. Maybe the wife is happier being ignorant.

Ms Kam: Wow... one in every three marriages is a very high ratio!