Thursday, October 05, 2006

best evaluator award

Tonight is my second time doing evaluation and to my surprise, I was voted Best Evaluator Award for the night. It was a pleasant surprise.


The Oriental Express said...

Congrats! More awards to come!

Toastmasters' activity is more than just going up on stage to speak. It encompasses the whole being - physically, mentally and spiritually. There is so much difference between just speaking and a really good speech/evaluation.

Keep it up!

The Oriental Express said...

Saw the name of Cherlynn in the list of participants sent by area governor, Lawrence. Is it a typo error, or is it you?

You are participating in the Evaluation secion? Your Buona Vista TMC also has a participant for the humourous speech contest.

All the best! See you!

JerL said...

Thanks! Nope that's Cherlene from my club. haha.. I'll be one of the Tally Counters!! See ya!

The Oriental Express said...

I see. You can try for both contests again in the near future.

Toastmasters' activities really hone a member. Public speaking is more than just going up to speak. It encompasses so many parts of our being!

Did you attend John Sih's workshop on body language. Great time of laughter and learning. He is really a gem!

See you at Whompoa CC.