Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I miss you again

The whole of my brain cell membranes are filled with you. Nothing could get you out of my mind. I miss you so.


ShuXiong said...

i honestly feel that since both U & your bro has grown up your mom who is full time at home needs companionship,suggest you get another pet soon! tis will ease the pain and mom can get occupied again,if possible try a dog tis time..when they are puppies they are easier to train and trust me your mom will love her even better!
My suggestion is that a med breed dog will be easier.

JerL said...

Thanks Karen... I think my mom will faint with a puppy around! Thanks really. Yup I'm thinking of popping by SPCA to see if there are any poor things to adopt. I would love a chihuahua actually for a dog. I love cats but my mom doesn't. Will see how it goes.