Monday, November 27, 2006

revival of my hello kitty email

After my traumatic spam mail deleting activity yesterday, I've decided to dump my innocent account as I have better uses for that 1 year of my life. Disclaimer: This act does not mean I'm not innocent anymore.

When I login to my Hello Kitty Email, I'm totally pissed amazed to find that they have deleted ALL my emails as I did not login for more than 6 months. Wow, such initiative is rarely seen nowadays. Now that it is cleared, you can email me at . No forwards please. Thanks.

DK, are you fainting yet? ;pPosted by Picasa


DK said...

Huh? Hellokitty email account?


JerL said...

Lol... Yeah! Don't faint, don't faint!

The Oriental Express said...

Cute email address. I tried sending you thro' your new email address but it bounced back.

Didn't see you at the Thomson TMC mtg. last night. I won the best speaker award for prepared speech, "Murder of the English Tongue". One DTM was so impressed that he asked me to tutor his grandchildren! Ah! The love of grandparents.

Tonight I will be the LE at Ponggol TMC and after that to my client's apt to collect her cheques for property purchase.

Don't you wish we can have 48 hours in a day?

Cheers! See you next Thursday at your Buona Vista Club TM meeting.


JerL said...

I got your emails though! Sorry about it. I always missed the chance to hear you speak. Congrats! You're a great speaker! Humorous too.. can tell from the title of your speech. Yups. will see you soon!