Saturday, February 24, 2007


I had waffles, scrambled egg and a strawberry for breakfast! Photo taken by Barry's phone camera with surprisingly good resolution.

Barry asked me along to Teach Me Toastmasters Club as a project evaluator and as we were enjoying our breakfast in Delifrance, he told me that Teach Me TMC is a very special club. He was really amazed by their enthusiasm and undaunting spirit. I listened with my mind looking forward to the chapter meeting, the same excitement I have before visiting a new toastmasters club.

It was a short 10 minutes drive and we were just on time. Most other TMCs almost never start on time and I thought we were early. Little did I expect the room to be filled almost to the brim when I stepped in. What shocked me even more was the fact that the room was almost 80% of them in the room were either wheelchair-bound or seated with crutches. They were mostly youths in their late teens or early 20s. I took a deep breathe as Barry introduced me to the Club President who was a young malay lady welcoming me with a bright smile in a wheelchair.

I sat through the club meeting with a heavy heart. I couldn't help but notice this boy in front of me could barely sit upright in his wheelchair. His mother had to be around to take care of him, despite being crippled herself. My heart wrenched in pain as I saw his arm with only skin and bones. I bowed down my head and uttered a prayer to the Lord to ask for His healing hands to be upon everyone in the room. I took out my notebook to jot this as an additional daily prayer item as I fought back my tears.

This is a special club indeed. Although they were physically handicapped, but they were all full of vim and vigor. Their undaunting spirit touched my heart deeply. How many of us can still have that unfaltering determination to live on despite such mishaps at such young age?

Yet, there are able-bodied people around us who are spiritually handicapped. Hypocrites and backstabbers ought to be ashamed of themselves. Such irony. I will leave this topic to another blog post. Sorry for digressing.

Thank you Lord for reminding me of how blessed I am. Thank you Lord for reminding me to pray for people who are less fortunate.


The Oriental Express said...

I understand how you feel. Remember the guy we met at Leng Kee Toastmaster's Club who came in the pouring rain , wheelchair and all, in a taxi?

Must meet up with him one day and write his story in my blog.

It is these people who cause us to rr-examine ourselves and re-set our goals. If they can achieve so much, we able-bodied ones should be able to accomplish even more!

JerL said...

Ms Kam: Yes I remember of course. It was such a vivid memory. It was raining cats and dogs and the boy came alone in a wheelchair, while most of the Leng Kee members did not turn up. Such irony.