Friday, March 09, 2007

dare to dream

*This is a continuation thought from the previous post.*
For those of you who have no goals or dreams in life, maybe you should pause for a moment in your hectic life. Take a break and step back from your busy schedules and ask yourself this question: "What are you busy with?" and "For what?" If you are unable to answer the second question, then maybe read on for a word of encouragement from me.
Quoted from Steven Covey in his book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People": "Begin with the end in mind."
All successful managers will begin preparing for a project with the end results in mind. A successful businessman will begin budgeting in the beginning of the year with a projected year-end profits in mind. With a final destination in mind, the cross country runner can then plan the shortest route to win the competition. With a final goal or dream in mind, you can then work towards your goal.
Dare to dream. And dream big dreams. Without dreams, you will be leading an aimless life. Imagine walking aimlessly lost in a forest. Sit down and rest for a moment before planning your way out. Imagine swimming in circles. Aim for the other end of the pool before you dive in. Or else, why bother to dive in?

If someone discourages you, say something encouraging to change his perspective. The person who discourages you probably do not have the guts to even start dreaming.

If someone laughs at you, laugh with him. The person who has the perseverence and determination to fulfil his dream has the last laugh.
Leave a legacy in your life. At the very least, touch someone's life. Make an imprint in someone's heart. Make your life worthwhile. The Maker has a purpose for all His creations.


Whiskoffee said...

I was reminded of this story where an ant was busily going around the rim of a flowerpot.

It was proud that it is actually busying himself with the 'affairs of life'.

Although it thought it is progressing, it is actually moving around in circles - looking for food on the wrong route.

Where is the food?

It is a few centimetres away from the flowerpot's rim - in the centre of the pot.

Are we running the rat race like the ant going in circles around the flowerpot's rim?

Should we, instead, stand back and reflect on what we are doing and to observe our surroundings - for once?

When was the last time you gazed at the sky of beautiful stars?

JerL said...

whiskoffee: My exact sentiments! Hi 5!

Whiskoffee said...