Sunday, April 22, 2007

sour day turned sweet night

My day started not so beautifully with a drained body and weary mind at a branch meeting on a Saturday morning. This is the worst combination ever. And the hot blazing sunlight added to my misery by leaving me a migraine as the piercing light shone through my sunglasses while I drove to office. I need a new pair of shades. One with better coverage and UV protection.

The fact that the meeting ended an hour late caused me to miss the bulk of the prepared speeches for the Division U International Speech Contest. I was only in time to hear the last speaker. A more unfortunate event happened during the break when ATMB/CL Edward Ma approached me. To my greatest dismay, he asked me if I could stand in as the Sergeant-At-Arm for the Table Topic Contest did not turn up. I did no mind helping out but that meant that I would not be able to listen to any of the Table Topic Contest Speeches as I was guarding the rest of the contestants at the other room. The only consolation was that I had the privilege to entertain the nervous contestants as well as Jasmeet's(one of the contestant) baby in the same room.

It was rather a wasted trip for me as my main purpose was to be there to give support to Cherlene and Ms Kam. Quite sad that I did not get to hear both speeches. And I forgot to mention that this guy who had been pestering me for the past few days for an appointment to sell me something appeared at the contest! After I told him yesterday that I did not wish to meet him, he still hung around me like a shadow trying to get my attention. Oh my goodness, how grateful I was when Barry noticed and kindly came to my rescue during the break. I almost pulled out my hair but I was glad I kept my cool.


The day ended on a happy note when we went together for dinner at Riverview Hotel. Thanks Ms Kam for the treat.

After dinner, Barry and myself decided to look for a quiet place to hang out. We drove around and ended up at Great World City. It was a pretty decent place for a nice chat over coffee albeit the stuffiness due to poor air-conditioning. It was funny that there were so many things for us to yak about and time passed by too quickly. The next time we should plan for the venue earlier in advance instead of wasting too much time thinking of where to go. We still ended up past midnight though we had initially planned to go back earlier to rest. Oh well. It was too fun to remember the time.


The Oriental Express said...

Ya, was wondering why you were SAA. Thought you were only coming to support Cherlene and me.

Mm... maybe if you had been inside the theatre, I would have won at least the 3rd prize! :( Just joking lah...Don't worry... am a hardy person. In fact I sometimes love to fail.. for with each failure comes a more resounding success... I wholeheartedly believe what Vince Lombardi said, "Life is not about falling down; life is picking ourselves up again."

Read about McCafe... also my favourite haunt when I was staying at St. Thomas Walk. But go there less now because I have moved.

Cheers! Keep up your dedicated service to Tm activities!

JerL said...

Ms Kam: Yup! I came to support you and Cherlene only!

I'm glad you're ok. You didn't seem too happy during the dinner (as Barry observed).

We could hang out at McCafe too! There's one at West Coast Park. We can bring Chelsea too!