Wednesday, April 18, 2007

faith in a friend

This afternoon, I was supposed to meet an old friend for a cuppa at around 3 plus. It was never happier to meet an old aquaintance. A feeling of nostalgia overflowed and once again I was soaked in sweet memories of my campus days. My senior in college back then and now a colleague working in the same building! Our paths crossed again after 8 years. How amazing. I was really looking forward to catching up.

I was really disappointed when I received an sms this morning that my old pal had an urgent meeting at 4pm. We had to change our catch-up session to tomorrow instead. Last minute crop-ups are inevitable in this fast-paced financial industry. I can understand. Nevertheless, I still went for my cuppa at around 4pm with 2 other colleagues instead.

Guess what, amazingly my old pal was there at the same coffee place, sitting at the table next to me! A series of questions raced through my mind. Did the meeting changed venue? Postponed? Cancelled? Or simply my old pal wasn't in the mood to meet up with me?

I begin to doubt the possibility of meeting up tomorrow as agreed. Somehow I have a feeling that the catching up session I was looking forward to will never materialize.

I thought it would be nice to give the other person the benefit of doubt and without wanting to expose the lie embarrass my friend, I just behaved naturally with my colleagues without going over to say hi. I kept my fingers crossed. "Please don't disappoint me" I thought to myself. My old pal actually waved at me in acknowledgement. I smiled.

I look forward to the catching up session tomorrow.

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