Tuesday, May 22, 2007

the empty carriage

The carriage door so welcoming

The velvety scarlet seat so alluring

The desire of every girl in town

Adorning a perfect shimmering crown

Looking awesome in a dazzling gown

Alas, but the carriage is empty

Awaiting the arrival of thy princess

The princess was there

With a single glass slipper

~ by Jerlynn ~


The Oriental Express said...

Good poem. If you write it yourself, you must attach your name at the bottom. If it is adapted, then the poet's name must be at the bottom of the poem.

Hope you are much rested now. Don't overwork. This warm weather can drain us of our energy.

JerL said...

Hi Ms Kam,

Thank you for your compliments! And yes, the poem is written by yours truly.

I'm in the process of recovering. No worries. I'm still alive and kicking.