Monday, June 18, 2007

beyond me

How come there are always so many cross roads in life? How many decisions do we have to make every now and then?

I guess I have written this before and am now penning down my thoughts again. Somehow I feel like taking a long and well-deserved break for myself. I would like to travel to another part of this world alone. Hmm.. It is better always to have a companion. But having a companion isn't always within my control. And one thing for sure, a quality companion is not always easy to find.

Sometimes, there are certain things are really beyond my control. Seriously. Well, one thing for sure, age is definitely beyond me. C'mon, it is beyond anyone's control. So why should someone else be bothered by my age, when I am the least concerned about it? Gosh, I really hate these people. Hey, please give me a break. You come and tell me about it if you are God and you can control your age. If you are not, (obviously you are not!), then please just leave me alone! If my age bothers you, then it is your problem, not mine.

One of my good friends, Ms Kam (also a fellow blogger - The Oriental Express) is 53 years old and her age never stopped us from becoming good friends. She may be more senior than me, but her energy level is comparable, if not higher than mine! Her bubbly and cheerful character is what that matters. Her sincerity and care is what touches my heart. Who cares about age?

Do you stop loving your mom if you discover a white hair? Of course not! Love is in the heart. True love has no boundaries.


mrdes said...

Indeed, we have no control over what others think about age, or about us for that matter. I think it is too painful to change others, might as well change ourselves to see them in a different light - like a "sick" man, that is (I think I wrote this somewhere before):P And another thing: it is sure good to have your own beliefs when the going gets tough

The Oriental Express said...

Age is only a number. You are as old or as young as you want to be.

Whiskoffee said...


JerL said...

mrdes: Hmm... seeing them in a different light?

the oriental express: Ditto!

whiskoffee: :)

Whiskoffee said...

Age is deemed a sensitive issue by some females. However, I think this is an honesty issue.

If you can't even be honest about your real age - which you can't change and easily guessed since S'pore is so small - then may I ask what you can do with your age?

You can't hide it and you gonna age. So how?

My take on this matter is to encourage people to accept their age so as to be able to age with grace and to age happily.

The years of experience and maturity are more precious than dollars and cents.

And maturity is seldom despised. =)