Thursday, July 19, 2007


读了永不完美的故事 by Chungy, 让我感触良多。。。

我想世界上所有的母亲都是一个模子做出来的。人都有强烈的占有欲; 母亲对儿女的占有欲更其大无比。母亲既期盼儿女快高长大,却又不愿意放手,深怕儿女独立之后会选择自由。我想这是作母亲的矛盾吧!

作为儿女的我们, 却渴望自由。母亲的不愿意放手却让我们感到窒息。

母亲想重新装修我的房间。 我有意见, 母亲却坚持她自己的想法。

我说:"可是, 这是我的房间。"
母亲说:"你是我所生出来的, 你的一切都属于我。"



我的同辈正在建设自己的窝巢, 生儿育女。我却是一只被困在笼子里的小鸟。 既使飞得出那鸟笼, 也飞不出这片天空。。。




weili said...

ever tried telling your mum how you feel about what she tells you?
explain to her that if she feels that way, u partly wish she never gave birth to you, and that would only push you further away from her, only make you feel that u wanna get out, get away as far as u can from her

The Oriental Express said...

As for me, whenever my mum got angry with me, I'd sing her a song either in Hokkien or Mandarin, which tells her that she loves me 100 times but I love her 1,000 times.

After that mom would smile and stop nagging or scolding!

Soft eggs can break hard rocks :-)
Try it!

Chong Chung Fui said...

guess somebody DOES read my posts... hehehe... thanks 4 dropping by n reading my blog... its nice 2 know someone shares my thoughts n sorrows... thanks ^^

JerL said...

weili: I don't think she can understand. No point wasting my breathe on her.

the oriental express: It does not work on my mom. She is not a hard rock, she is plasticine.

chong chung fui: Thanks for dropping by my blog to say hi. I really like your blog. Very thought-provoking reflections.