Sunday, September 03, 2006

love and money issues

Question: Would you fall for a guy who has little education, jobless and no money?

My Answer: I think the problem is not money. If the guy is going to remain unemployed for no reasons, it also seemingly means this guy probably has no goals in life and don't know what he wants in life. Such persons are scary. You won't feel any sense of security in life.

And one more thing, falling in love and finding a life partner are 2 different things. I did fall in love with someone who is lowly educated poor guy. But I would never marry him because he cannot even provide enough for himself, how to provide for me and in the future my kids?

Coming from scientific research, when a female look for a spouse, she would look for a guy with resources to provide sufficient for her offsprings. In olden days, someone with hunting skills, in modern days, maybe money or earning power is the equivalent measure. In the same way, guys look for female with pretty features, good complexion, healthy hair, etc, in general good genes for healthy offspring. That's why guys go for looks.


Anonymous said...

which scientific research is that? -hl

JerL said...

I read it when I helped Slushy with her thesis. It's a research paper on human mating behaviour from NUS library. Sorry i'm unable to quote the source.

The Oriental Express said...


Congrats on winning the best speaker award for the Competent Communicator speeches. Keep it up! Your slides were excllent. After your slides, many said they would think twice before taking foie gras, sharks' fin and birds' nest. I was fighting my tears when you showed the slide on birds' nest. especially the reddish ones whihc were stained with the blood of the bird. From now onwards, I am not going to take any more birds' nest.

Foie gras is never a problem.... don't like liver of any kind. How cruel to subjects the birds to so much cruelty just to enlarge their livers!

Verily I say again, "STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!"