Thursday, December 28, 2006

disastrous december

Sat in front of my PC the whole of today and unable to login to Blogger at all. Connections were interupted due to Taiwan earthquake. Today's broadcast is full of deaths due to the flood, buildings collapsing, etc. Sad news. So many lives are lost. Please do utter a prayer for the 2 young kids who lost their mom in the earthquake. So poor thing. I thank God I'm in much better state. At least I'm in still in tact. Still in one piece.

I have not blogged for a long time as I've been really busy running around.

I started Christmas day with a bang. Absolutely, another car bang the back of my car in the wee hours of Christmas day. Same spot twice in a month. Oh how is it possible that such popularity adorned the ass of my car. I cannot understand. But what I do understand is that roads are slippery and there are a lot of new drivers on the road. Please drive carefully, newbies.

Oh and for those who are concerned, I'm fine and absolutely still mentally sound after surviving 2 car accidents in one month. For those of you whom I have not contacted for a long time or might have forgotten, please do forgive me for I might have suffered some slight concussions in the brain. And for those of you who didn't suffer any concussions, I congratulate you and do make the effort to keep in touch with me. Initiative is a virtue.

Let's pray for 2007 to be a better year.


DK said...

U alrite??? U still remember me right? :D

Happy new year!

*The Lunatic Fringe* said...

Dear Jerlynn

Wow, hope that you are fine despite the other cars wanting to kiss your car!

Thanks for reading my blog and may God's spirit guide you for 2007 to safety and security.

Wishing you a spirit-filled 2007!

Ee Chuan

JerL said...

DK: Dear Darryl, of course I still remember you. No concussions. Thanks for asking anyway. Happy 2007!

the lunatic fringe: Dear Ee Chuan! Thanks for visiting my blog too. It was really God's hand in protection. Let's all grow closer to the Lord in 2007!