Friday, December 29, 2006

the year coming to an end

Today is an important day for me as the year 2006 comes to an end. Today marks the deadline to the decision as to where I will be heading in year 2007.

You won't believe the number of miracles I experienced in the past 2 weeks of my life. The miracles just happened one after another at the speed that is faster that the breath I take. And I'm not exaggerating. To me, it's unbelievable. But to God, miracles are chicken-feed.

I have decided to let go and let God take control of the decision. I will know the answer by the end of the day. I think it allows my brain some rest by letting God decide. It's an easier decision to let go. I had been trying to hold on too tightly. Although I'm feeling nervous of God's decision, yet I have this deep peace within that I can't explain. Somehow I know that God's plan will be the best plan for me. For God already know what lies ahead for me, there is a purpose for everything. I have faith that God's plan is the best.

This year has been such happening year for me, like a rollercoaster. I think being in a rollercoaster can be deemed as exciting to the strong-hearted, yet to the weak-hearted, rollercoaster ride is dangerously freaking the mind out. Well, I feel both. The most important lesson I learnt this year is to know that God is the safety belt in my rollercoaster ride. There are times when the rollercoaster is plunging down at such extreme speed that I could hardly feel the presence of the safety belt. But it is there, tightly hugging me.

God is good. All the time. Amen.


The Oriental Express said...

Great Jerlyn. Good to know you have let go and let God. Life becomes easier and less stressful when we let God be agt the helm of our life.

Am typing at the customer counter of Hong Kong Hotel in Taipei, while waiting for the tour bus to take me on a night tour of the city.

See you soon in Singapore.

Have a great and blessed year in 2007!

*The Lunatic Fringe* said...

Hi Jerlyn

I concur with ganchau's comment! For myself as well, at times just let go and let God and we tend to feel less anxious. I now think that each day is a blessing and not to hold on so hard onto life that we fail to grasp the new directions and paths that God leads us.

Take one day at a time and may your journey be guided with Him on your side.

JerL said...

the oriental express: Hi Ms Kam! I believe the Lord led you into my life. Thanks for being my avid blog fan! To think that you are reading my blog at Taipei just makes me high. Thanks for all your encouragements. God bless you too! See you soon!

*the lunatic fringe*: Hi Ee Chuan! I've learnt it the hard way but it is always a loving smack from our heavenly father. Indeed we really need to be sensitive to the prompting of the holy spirit to be in tune with God's direction. Hope that you too will be filled with the spirit! God bless.