Wednesday, January 10, 2007

dumb blondes

I always read dumb blonde jokes with an innocent mind, believing that dumb blondes do not really exists and that jokes are just jokes being exaggerating in nature, until tonight. After I caught a glimpse of The Simple Life: 'Til Death Do Us Part where Paris Hilton babysits 4 kids in real life, I cannot deny the fact that writers of dumb blonde jokes are truly painting a picture of reality. And reality hurts!

Just a few bimbotic scenes.

Kid: My teacher asked me to make a paper-maché.
Paris: What's that?
Kid: ...

Paris threw the whole paper-maché mix into the sink and tried to wash it down by squeezing dishwashing detergent into the sink. The result: a bad clog of course.

The show ended with Paris remarking that the kids were really tough to handle and that she was glad she only had dogs at home.

And I used to think that Paris Hilton looks gorgeous on magazine covers. What a shocking disappointment that there is lack of substance to substantiate such a beautiful packaging.


The Oriental Express said...

Did you read that Paris Hilton was insulted because our home grown designer, Gn, refused to give her his free designer dress? Gn wants to be fair to other paying clients. Why should, Paris, a millionaire recieve a free gown.? She should pay for it!

Now you understand why Proverbs Chap 31 devoted so many verses to describing the capable wife? A woman far more precious than rubies and diamonds a wise lady who helps her family to invest!

JerL said...

the oriental express:
How arrogant! I wished Paris had more brains. Of course, she should pay for the gown!

Indeed an intelligent woman with many virtues is much sought after.