Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shrek 3

"He's surly, uncouth and the most unhygenic of anti heroes. Yet, he's loved by audiences and has won the hand of a princess. His name means 'terror' in Yiddish but try as he might be to be frightful, he's just plain lovable - glowing green skin, abundant ear wax, thickened toe nails and dry wit. Yes, we return to the land of ogre extraordinaire Shrek and his ragtag band of fairytale friends."

~Quoted from the article "Royal Circus" by Hazel Yong of Lifestyle.

I thought that was a pretty intelligent way of describing Shrek. Indeed, Shrek 3 was an animation that was really worth watching. I must share with you guys the most memorable humourous quote from the movie that left me laughing my head off. The scene where Pinocchio was questioned by Prince Charming with regards to Shrek's whereabouts and Pinocchio's "tai chi" answers to avoid letting the cat out of the bag! Super duper funny!

Quoted from the movie Shrek 3:

Prince Charming: You! You can't lie! Where is Shrek?
Pinocchio: Well, uh, I don't know where he's not.
Prince Charming: You don't know where Shrek is?
Pinocchio: On the contrary,
Prince Charming: So you do know where he is!
Pinocchio: I'm possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that I undeniably
Prince Charming: Stop it!
Pinocchio: Do or do not know where he shouldn't probably be. If that indeed wasn't where he isn't!


The next hilarious part was when Princess Fiona, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty were being captured and locked up.

Quoted from the movie Shrek 3:

Snow White: Right! Ladies, assume the position! [Sleeping Beauty falls asleep, Rapunzel sits on a high stool with her braid trailing, Snow White lies down in her coffin pose, and Cinderella seats herself on the floor gazing dreamily into space]
Princess Fiona: What are you doing?
Snow White: [exasperated] Waiting to be rescued!

So much adult jokes for a cartoon. If you guys noticed that even "Hooters" appeared in Shrek. Hahaha... Oh well, so much for a movie review.


Whiskoffee said...

haha... i was laughing my head almost every few minutes or seconds thruout the whole show...

Whiskoffee said...

i love tat cat!