Saturday, January 26, 2008

life is great!

I guess my blog fans must be missing me so much! I'm back!

Just a quick update for the 4 months that I had been missing... I've finally found my dream job as a trainer since last October and I had been busy with my new appointment. I have great colleagues, great bosses, great environment and basically life has never been better. Ever since I had graduated, I've always wanted to be a trainer and it is really a dream come true.

Thanks to Toastmasters Club, I've established my passion in public speaking and indeed the club has paved the way for me. My interviewers (my current bosses) were really impressed by my passion for Toastmasters Club and they could see that I really love what I do. I guess my sincerity and drive touched them. I love to be able to be a stand up trainer, to be able to impart my knowledge to other people, to be able to motivate other people, to basically make a difference in other people's lives. Sometimes, someone who is spiritually on the low just need a word of encouragement. Sometimes, people have negative or depressive thoughts just because nobody pointed to them the direction of light.

And I love my colleagues and fellow trainers. Basically, trainers all have the same traits. They love to talk, they love to socialize, they love to encourage people, they love to crack jokes. They are basically the most hardworking when it comes to work attitude, yet, they can be the most fun-loving when it comes to social functions. In short, they work hard and they play harder!!! I love to work with intellectual beings with positive attitudes. And you can imagine how excited I am to find colleagues who share the same passion as me and are like-minded.

I know that I have found a place that I am really comfortable in and fit in perfectly like a piece of jigsaw puzzle. When you look forward to going to work everyday, you know that you will most likely stay there for a long long time.

I hope that through my testimony, I will be able to motivate you to find your passion and dream in life. If you do not have a dream now, put on your thinking caps and start dreaming! It is never to late!


mrdes said...

First thing first: Welcome back! You've just made my day. A trainer? Say, that's a dream job for a Toastmaster! You know John, don't you? I think it takes a lot to follow your dream, so I'm glad for you:) Looking forward to your updates on this blog:)

JerL said...

mrdes: Haha... that was ultra fast response! I may not update this blog as frequently though... but yes, basically a trainer has lots of stage time! lol...

Whiskoffee said...

jia you!