Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Somehow, I think that the readership of this blog has dwindled to probably near zero since my sabbatical leave. Guess that is inevitable. When readers have nothing to read, what else would they do besides clicking on another link?

Anyhow, regardless of readership, I will still blog.


Recently I'm rather into metaphors and I have a couple of cute ones to share. It goes like this...

"Remember the steam kettle!
Though up to its neck in hot water,
it continues to sing."

"The person who is not hungry says the coconut has a hard shell."
- Anonymous
"Two men look through the same bars;
one sees the mud and
one the stars."
- Frederick Langbridge

Reading such quotes once in a while refreshes my mind like spring waters.


mrdes said...

I like that one about steam kettle...inspirational indeed.

Whiskoffee said...

cool quotes!

glad tat u r back =)

JerL said...

mrdes: Yep, I really like the one about steam kettle. Read it off a book and I just have to blog it. :)

whiskoffee: Thanks for remembering my blog!